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Design studio in Voronezh: from design of buildings to the interior of apartments

Design studio in Voronezh: from design of buildings to the interior of apartments

Дизайн-студия в Воронеже: от проектирования зданий до интерьера квартир

ARCHIplus Voronezh design studio specializes in structural engineering, architecture, creating author’s, comfortable interiors of apartments. Every project is developed individually. The main concept that guides our team is formed by things that suit a specific customer, a family or a company. We use creativity, experience, modern technologies of information design and get the best solution. Often, the finished result surpasses any expectations of customers.

Individual approach in finding the perfect solution

Interior design directly or indirectly affects a person, changing his perception of life, defining his image. Good interior, in the understanding of Voronezh ARCHIplus studio interior design specialists is the space, perfectly corresponding to a human character, his habits and lifestyle.

Only this way gives the impression that the interior is chosen individually. Stylish, well thought out and well implemented design becomes a cause to feel happy, accomplished person. That is why the design providing comfort is crucial in the success of a person’s life.

Each design of apartment in Voronezh is developed by us in cooperation with the customer. Any developed element of the project corresponds to the client’s preferences. Regardless of the scope of work, we think over even the smallest details, professionally doing our job. By applying to our studio, customers can be sure: a beautiful, harmonious facility is a practical, functional solution designed specifically for him.

Please assess us in practice

Let us meet you, and develop design of the apartment in Voronezh for you with fantasy, traditions and according to your dream. We implement projects of both modern and classic style directions, adhering to the principle of optimal balance of style, quality and functionality. An important difference of our work is the use of materials, textures, furniture and decor to suit your preferences and budget.