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How to make a plan of a public building

How to make a plan of a public building

Особенности проектов общественных зданий

Before creating and approving the draft of a public building, experts take into account the purpose of the facility. This work differs by the fact that the development takes into account the fact that a large number of people is staying inside. It is for this reason that the most important prerequisite for the development of the administrative building is to provide evacuation systems. In addition to the technological requirements, it si necessary take into account the information provided by the customer.

Stages of development

The project of the administrative building, and any other social facility is developed in several stage:

• Calculations of all construction parameters;
• Preparing a basic sketch;
• Developing a building plan.

When necessary, a professional 3D model is developed. With it you can create the appearance of a public building. During the order implementation, the requirements for construction in a particular area are taken into account. After the administrative building project is ready and approved, construction can proceed to further stages. All installation and construction processes must comply with basic safety rules.

Types of public purpose buildings

Skilled specialists create designs of public buildings for various purposes, namely:

• Projects of hotels, shops, cafes;
• Business centers, restaurants, offices;
• Sports facilities, kindergardens and schools.

You should entrust development of buildings (for a large number of visitors), only to experienced, highly skilled Archi+ design company specialists. In this case, the work is conducted in accordance with all terms and conditions. In addition, the specialists will provide the entire package of necessary documentation. They consider all the customer’s wishes. The draft project conforms to generally accepted standards of safety and comfort.