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Popular stylistic solutions of interior living rooms

Popular stylistic solutions of interior living rooms

Decoration of the hall is important to any home, because family members meet here, receive guests, hold celebrations. Design of the living room involves the development of a plan to create a stylish space in harmony with the whole apartment. The style of interior design, its color palette, furniture design – a skillful combination of components will ensure functionality and aesthetic appearance.
To interior design living room has always been relevant, does not necessarily follow fashion trends, correctly set the room a certain style and update it with modern details. There are many individual areas and mixing among the popular release:

– Minimalism is the design direction, which is important for large living rooms, it is a godsend for small-sized hall. Gloss furniture fronts, leather upholstery, smooth floor create a visual space in a small room
– Hi-tech combines black and white colors with chrome, glass elements of furniture, spot lighting and modern appliances.
– Ecostyle – organic interior of the living room, which allows you to create an atmosphere of home comfort and warmth, thus not losing its relevance over the years. The main accents include environmentally friendly materials, textiles of neutral range, beautiful greens.
– Eclectic – an example of fashion democracy and mixing of trends, accessories to achieve completely new forms and styles. A successful combination of design for the living room will be the use of eco style and high-tech, minimalism and pop art elements.
– Modern is the choice of people who prefer functional naturalness. This style is characterized by large windows, differently leveled floors, asymmetry in the interior.

Relevant trends of classics in living room interior decoration

Classic design of the living room is still relevant, it easily competes with fashionable trends of design fashion. It is inextricably linked with elegant decoration of walls and floors, leather furniture and antique interior elements. Correctly decorated classics will emphasize respectability praised by people of high social status.

Baroque will be a good alternative, suggesting abundant gilding, original moldings, mirror surfaces, rich materials and textures. Rounded shapes, marble, porcelain items and accessories in expensive frames will underline the refined taste.

After studying interior of the living room, relevance of all shades of beige, gray, black-and-white classics can be traced in the design. More vivid colors are vinous, turquoise, terracotta. Panels with bright flower, abstract or geometrical patterns are used for decoration.