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Comfortable shopping centers of Voronezh

Comfortable shopping centers of Voronezh

За годы работы ARCHIplus удалось воплотить в жизнь немало смелых, интересных идей. В их числе торговый центр Воронежа, десятки стильных, эргономичных, комфортных объектов
When looking at the beautiful office buildings, residential high-rise buildings, facilities of another purpose, you realize how much Voronezh has changed. During the time that passed since the Soviet era, the city became prettier, expressed its individuality, became recognizable compared to other regional centers. It is worth knowing that the projects of shopping centers and many new buildings were created with active participation of specialists from ARCHIplus.


Owners of construction companies, individuals wishing to acquire their own home know that during its existence ARCHIplus has become a synonym for quality. Talented employees embody the bold ideas through by understanding the features of the latest technological solutions in the construction industry. Companies wishing to build a shopping center in Voronezh, will have full assistance at any stage:

• When drafting the task, we carefully consider al wishes of the customer;
• We select a suitable site for construction of a particular facility;
• We create the database required for the development of the design solution;
• We work out technical specifications for each sub-contractor involved in construction of the building;
• We draft estimate documents that accurately estimate the cost of the entire scope of works;
• At each stage, we provide careful control of subcontractors’ activities – when looking at the Novovoronezh shopping center, you can see phenomenal success of a team of professionals.


It is well known that owners of the premises leased to shop owners wish to create a comfortable rest and shopping area. This should be achieved without reducing free space. By the example of Pavlovsk shopping center you can clearly see how well the designers managed to cope with this task. Please contact us, we 100% understand all the goals and objectives.