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ARCHIplus was founded in 2011 and specializes in the design of buildings and structures, utility services and communications, architecture, interior design and offers a full range of functions as part of functions of the general designer and technical customer.

Works include the following stages:
– Developing the terms of reference and immediate participation in the construction site selection together with the Customer;
– Receipt and drafting of the initial data for the design;
– Development of technical specifications for all types of survey and other work for subcontractors;
– Development of design and estimate documentation;
– Project documentation maintenance and examination;
– Obtaining a building permit;
– Design and technical supervision of construction.

• Low-rise apartment building, 4 155 sq.m.
• Residential complex with a built-in and attached kindergarden for 215 seats, 3 ha
• City Mall shopping center, 2 400 sq.m.
• 22-apartment residential building in vil. Aikhal, Mirninsky District, Sakha (Yakutia), 1 150 sq.m.
• Office building, Voronezh region, vil. Novaya Usman’, 5.5 thousand. sq.m.
• Administration and on-site facilities, laboratory of water and microbiology, 450 sq.m.
• Apartment building with on-roof boiler, Orel Region, 11 177 sq.m.
• Overhaul of the 1st floor, building B, Voronezh Regional clinical Consulting Diagnostic Center, 500 sq.m.
• Administration building, 4 000 sq.m.
• Administration building, 300 sq.m.
• Residential building, Ufa, 1 655 sq.m.
• Shell petrol stations.
• Shopping Center, 600 sq.m.
• Recreational children’s complex for 60 seats, Belgorod region.
• SKS-Lada car showroom, Voronezh, 1 500 sq.m.
• Overhaul of the facade of the prosecutor’s office in the Lipetsk region.
• Improvement of urban areas of Troitsk city district in Moscow, 7.5 ha.
• Dentika dental clinic.
• Improvement of park area, 1.7 ha.
• Overhaul of the premises, building 1, Voronezh Regional Clinical Hospital №1, 5 377 sq.m.
• Volkswagen car showroom, 1149 sq.m.
• Community center for 315 seats, vil. Otradnoye, 1 200 sq.m.
• Culture center in Pavlovsk, Voronezh area 5 000 sq.m.
• Rostovsky residential complex, 15 000 sq.m.

• Shopping center, Pavlovsk.
• City Plaza, shopping center, Novovoronezh.
• Canteen of Sheredar’ rehabilitation center for children, Vladimir region.
• Soho beauty saloon.
• Office in Sydney for Freelancer company.
• Design of Finservice Bank, more than 10 cities in Russia.
• Design project of kindergarden, Moscow.
• Design of kindergarden, Belgorod region.
• Design of cottage, Voronezh region, vil. Chertovitsy.
• Lipetsk airport. Hall of officials and delegations.
• Design project of sauna, Voronezh