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Дата:May 15, 2014


The building has a complex configuration in plan view. The layout composition of the building is due to the functional features and external dimensions, determined in accordance with the existing urban situation. The level of the 1st finished floor of the building is adopted as 0,000 elevation, where the main entrance with a lobby, bank, coffee shop are located. Floor height is 4 m. The 2-6 floors are designed for office space with an average area of ​​22,3 sq.m. Floor height is 3 m. There are two spaced staircases in the building. Comfortable stay in the office is provided by planning solutions adopted in the design and building orientation to the cardinal points, providing the most efficient insolation of the premises.

Customer: Alexandrovsky Sad LLC
Location: Voronezh Region, vil. Novaya Usman
Total area: 5 401,59 sq.m.
Date of creation: July 2014
Number of floors: 6
Stage: Sketch project, Engineering documentation