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Дата:October 03, 2014


The cottage design project is developed for a customer who, like many modern people, bought a building not far from Voronezh, in the cottage settlement. The project concept was to build a children’s room for a teenager, a living room, a cabinet and a bedroom. The designer used warm, calm tones. There were no common suggestions on style, so each room was designed according to specific wishes of the customer.


How we do a design project.

Most customers probably already know what they need, and want to order the design project to understand optimal and concise arrangement of furniture and equipment in the space of their house or apartment. There are those who trust the designer’s opinion, previously showing abstract pictures they like, it also creates an understanding of the direction to move forward.

Design elaboration begins with the approval of planning solutions. Next we approve collages (selection of furniture, colors and so on). Then we approve engineering equipment scheme: plumbing, gas equipment, power equipment, heating appliances, air conditioners. And in the end we get beautiful pictures – a visualization of the work result, but we move on. The end result of a “complete” design project includes a detailed elaboration of the interior, equipment arrangement, finishing and more.

Customer: Private person
Location: Voronezh Region, vil. Yamnoe, Alpine Valley settlement
Total area: 112 sq.m.
Date of creation: September 2014
Stage: Design project, Utility services