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Дата:July 01, 2013

Because the cottage is located away from the city, we decided to use natural colors. In the gaming area, in order to emphasize the idea of loft, we have connected them with brick walls and added a few bright accents in the textile form. In the bedrooms, we used panels with wood texture. Light has helped us to further emphasize zoning – subdued lighting in a recreation area provides additional comfort, a game area during competition is highlighted separately for good visibility.
Often in the desire to show luxury and glamor there is a risk to be vulgar. We managed to ensure harmonious combination of light and color, decor, as well as create a bold mix of textures: wood, brick, onyx, leather, velvet, etc.
The interior is individual, each room has unique objects: chandeliers from the Portuguese brand Delightfull, lzf lamps, Luce Plan, Boca Do Lobo curbstones, mirrors and chairs from Christopher Guy. Also, many of the items are custom-made.

Customer: Private person
Location: Voronezh Region, vil. Chertovitsy.
Total area: 640 sq.m.
Date of creation: June 2013
Stage: Design project