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Дата:December 24, 2014


In this project, an ordinary apartment in “5 Stars Housing Estate” has been transformed into a modern, stylish apartment on the 17th floor. To increase the space, it was decided to provide for a studio apartment with a separate bedroom.

The kitchen-living room is decorated in gray and gray-brown tones. The floor is of solid board, the walls are made of brick-type tiles, plaster, and 3D panels. A bar counter (a table top) and a table near the window visually separate the kitchen area from the living area. The bedroom is alternatively decorated in front bright and vibrant colors giving tenants a good mood in the morning. A bathroom with a toilet is also decorated in soft dark colors.

Customer: Private person
Location: Voronezh, 5 Stars Housing Estate
Total area: 70 sq.m.
Date of creation: January 2015
Stage: Design project
Ceramic granite:
Ceramics of the Future
Solutions for the walls of the common areas:
Aqua Plus glass wallpaper