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Дата:July 14, 2014


The building project is designed for construction in a dense urban\rural development in any country, of any climate and land plot saving, as well as for sparsely populated areas. The project’s objective is to satisfy the growing Russian demand for apartments in modern low-rise apartment buildings of economy class. The building is a three-entrance section of three floors with a basement. The building has a rectangular shape in the plan view in axes 45 x11 m the designed basement height is 1.8 m. Zero elevation of the first floor is 1.0 m. plot size The site for development – 28×49 for 3 sections. Sectional building of economy class, with simple connections and capability to extend sections (two, three, four, five, six sections, etc.). The maximum use of the area permitted for construction is assumed. Vertical connection between the floors is through the stairs. The roof is with attic, gable type. Ventilation from lavatory and the kitchen is natural through ventilation ducts in the walls to the roof. Spatial rigidity and stability of the building is provided both by foundations, load-bearing walls and ceilings. The outer building walls are to be built of “Condor” wall thermally efficient stone 390 mm thick of Teploblock brand. Building ceilings are monolithic prefabricated of Columbus Econom type (can be designed both for reinforced concrete and monolithic slabs). The inner walls are made of the hollow stone 390x190x188 mm or partition stone 390x120x188.

Customer: Private person
Location: Ufa
Total area: 2 083 sq.m.
Date of creation: December 2014
Number of floors: 4
Stage: Sketch project, Engineering documentation, Detail project