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Structural Engineering

Archi+ LLC is a team of professionals who have creative and professional business approach to solving complex problems of designing buildings and structures. Our portfolio includes more than three hundred projects of different purposes, such as:

– Public buildings;
– Residential apartment buildings;
– Warehouses;
– Kindergardens;

Designing utilities.

In addition to complex designing, our team develops projects of utility services under ready-made building layouts, projects of exterior electrical networks and power equipment, water supply and sewerage networks, distribution networks, heating networks.

Complex approach.

We and our partners are ready to solve any design problem for you, and propose expertise of the design documentation, engineering surveys, inspections of buildings and field supervision.

The main field of activity of Archiplus is the design of buildings and structures of various complexity levels. Company developments in the field of architecture correspond the latest trends and requirements. Creativity and high competence of staff provide a great opportunity to work in all conditions. And professionalism and experience of the specialists allow implementing the most complex architectural solutions.

Major design objects of Archiplus:
– Administrative and office buildings
– High-rise apartment buildings
– Hotels and hotel complexes
– Warehouses and storage facilities
– Individual residential buildings
– Development of master plans
– Shopping complexes
– Exhibition centers

Types of work for capital construction projects:

– Overhaul
– Reconstruction
– New construction

Implementation stages of capital construction facilities.

Successful project implementation from acquisition of land to facility commissioning requires the following stages:

1. Collecting initial permits for the land plot
– Cadastral plan of the land plot
– Excerption from the zoning map (determining functional significance of the plot and encumbrance)
2. Urban development plan of the plot
3. Sketch project. Project contents:
Section 1. Explanatory note
Section 2. Situation plan
Section 3: General plan
Section 4. Floor plans
Section 5. Cross-sections
Section 6. Facades
Section 7. Perspective sketches (3d visualization)
4. Approval of the sketch project with the chief architect
5. Getting specifications for connection to utility networks
– To water pipe networks
– To the sewerage network
– To the low-current networks
– To heat supply systems
– To technological connection to electric networks
6. Examination of the technical condition of buildings and structures
7. Preparation of engineering survey of the land plot
– Topographical surveys
– Geotechnical investigations
– Engineering and environmental surveys
8. Development of project documentation (on the basis of the Russian Federation Decree No. 87 “On composition of the sections of design documentation and requirements to their content”). Composition of the project documentation:
Section 1: Explanatory note
Section 2. Scheme of planning organization of the land plot
Section 3. Architectural solutions
Section 4. Design and volumetric-planning solutions
Section 5. Information on engineering equipment, engineering support networks, the list of engineering and technical measures, contents of technological solutions
Subsection 1. Power supply system
Subsection 2. Water supply system
Subsection 3. Drainage system
Subsection 4. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heating networks
Subsection 5. Communication networks
Subsection 6. Gas supply system
Subsection 7. Technological solutions
Section 6. Construction organization project
Section 7. Draft of organization of demolition or dismantling of capital construction
Section 8. List of environmental protection measures
Section 9. Fire safety measures
Section 9.1. System of automatic fire alarm and warning on fire and evacuation management
Section 9.2. Automatic fire suppression system
Section 10. Measures to provide access for disabled people
Section 10.1. Measures to ensure the energy efficiency (EE)
Section 10.2. Requirements for safe operation of facilities
Section 11. Cost estimate for construction of capital construction facilities
Section 12. Other documents in cases stipulated by the federal law
Subsection 12.1 List of civil defense measures, measures for prevention of natural and technogenic emergency situations
Subsection 12.2 List of measures on antiterrorist protection of buildings and structures
9. Examination of project documentation and engineering survey results (based on the Town Planning Code of the RF, article 49)
10. Development of the working documentation. Project contents:
– Production technology
– Master plan
– Architectural solutions
– Reinforced concrete constructions
– Wooden structures
– Architectural solutions
– Metal structures
– Water supply and sewerage
– Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
– Gas supply (internal devices)
– Power electric equipment
– Electric lighting (interior)
– Communication systems
– Firefighting
– Fire alarm
– Security and fire alarm system
– External water supply networks
– External sewage networks
– External water supply and sewerage networks
– Thermal mechanical solutions of heat supply networks
– External gas pipelines
– External electric lighting
– Power supply
11. Obtaining a building permit (based on the Town Planning Code of the RF, article 51)
12. Construction supervision
13. Issuance of facility commissioning permit (based on the Town Planning Code of the RF, article 55)