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Order the house project

Order the house project

2. Once you have worked out the Terms of Reference (TOR) and have signed a contract, the designer begins to develop style solutions that you have chosen in the TOR. On the basis of selections provided by the designer, you decide with a final style you like. Style solution should be chosen thoroughly, because after the style approval, frames of the design will be limited to frames of the style.

3. Next, as part of the selected style, the elaboration of each room in the house or apartment starts. It is recommended to work on the design project starting from the living room, because all the other rooms and premises will be connected with it, the living room is the center of the apartment. First, the designer makes the plan of the apartment with furniture arrangement (as many options as is negotiated in the contract). From the options offered, you choose the one you like. And then the design of individual premises is developed. Based on its developments, the designer selects real furniture, decoration materials (when ordering a complete project, reference to each material is included indicated). Further, according to the agreed procedure, you agree or make adjustments (as many times as specified in the contract) until you get the desired result. Please note, you must clearly understand how many times you can make adjustments, because disagreements can arise due to it.

4. Final stage. After developing the entire house design project, you are offered to order author’s supervision. Once a week the designer will come to the facility and check compliance of the actual arrangement with the project, and coordinate deviations if necessary.

After taking into account all these factors, the customer-designer tandem will be well-coordinated and everyone will enjoy working with each other.