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Shopping center project

Shopping center project

Development of a retail space and entertainment centers for provision of trade and commercial space is a relevant today’s challenge for investors and developers throughout Russia. Creating a shopping center project is a complex process.

T should be understood that while working out and creating a modern and beautiful facade that will become attractive for new customers, one should not forget that the building should have a well thought out logistics, otherwise, if there is a beautiful exterior and modern building materials, movement of customers, goods and equipment will be uncomfortable to use and to stay, entailing an outflow of visitors.

A factor which should be given due attention is to create a comfortable indoor microclimate. This is achieved through a well-designed and calculated system of supply and exhaust ventilation, conditioning, as well as automation of these systems.

The most important thing that should be taken into account when designing entertainment centers is location. If the place is successful and with high traffic, successful usage of its commercial area will be guaranteed. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to place the shopping center at such a site, then a concept and development of corporate identity and a memorable appearance of the building help.

Our team will help to work out and implement all of these solutions, both in the territory of the Voronezh region, and beyond.