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Public buildings

Public buildings

Public buildings are designated for temporary stay of people. In such buildings, we can stay for a long time to satisfy our needs and spend time brightly, beneficially. These facilities include: shopping malls, cinemas, cultural centers, theaters, libraries and so on.

Designing such buildings requires careful study, attention and elaboration of issues related to arrangement and organization of human flows. All solutions will correspond to the current normative documents in the territory of the Russian Federation.

For comfortable stay of people, it is necessary to provide high-quality and modern finishing, furniture, as well as zoning of areas, according to their purpose. Each different zone should not “interfere” with the other. It requires good sound insulation and visual zoning.
We will help you to make a choice. With our help you will determine the materials and quality equipment that will be relevant for a particular project. Selecting materials and equipment, our specialists constantly maintain contact with the customer, and in every way contribute to selection of a quality supplier. The customer can choose from several options, and different price categories. If necessary, we will provide all the approvals, get the terms of reference, perform the functions of the technical customer.

If necessary, after implementation of the public building project, it is possible to develop a design of individual premises or the building as a whole, and also we offer the author’s supervision.