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Дата:October 22, 2018


Purpose of work:

The development of a concept for the formation and development of an innovative production territory (industrial park) on the territory of the Zhukovsky urban district of the Moscow region is carried out in order to implement measures to create industrial parks in municipalities of the Moscow region to improve the social and investment climate of the Moscow region in the framework of the Law of the Moscow region No. 84 / 2016-ОЗ “On industrial policy in the Moscow region.”

The concept should be developed taking into account the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the Moscow region in the field of creation and development of industrial parks, the town-planning code, territorial planning documents of the Zhukovsky urban district, the Scheme of territorial planning of transport services for the Moscow region.


– To form a concept containing information on activities aimed at the creation and development of the Industrial Park;

-determination of goals and objectives, feasibility and prerequisites for the creation of the Industrial Park;

-determining the demand for the services of the Industrial Park;

– Justification of the main indicators of the Industrial Park (including justification of the characteristics of the land plot, real estate objects, infrastructure facilities, specialization and zoning of the Industrial Park territory);

-analysis of the needs of its potential residents;

-determination of sources and conditions for financing the creation of the Industrial Park;

-assessment of existing and possible risks;

-evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Industrial Park creation.

Client: JSC Moscow Region Development Corporation
Location: Moscow region, Zhukovsky urban district
Total area: 343 ha
Usable area: 241.6 ha
Length of roads: 10.5 km
Creation date: August 2018
Stage: Concept