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Дата:May 05, 2021


The complex of works on the design of the complex of buildings on the territory of the industrial park “RID Kataysk” includes:
1.Reconstruction of the building of the Administrative and amenity building
2.Reconstruction of the charge warehouse with the adaptation for the warehouse of non-food products
3. Production building No. 1
4. Production building No. 2

Administrative building:
Planning solutions include: office premises, a conference room for up to 49 people, 2 meeting rooms for 10 and 20 people, a server room and a room with office equipment for collective use. On the 3rd floor there are 5 executive offices with showers.
Reconstruction of the charge warehouse with adaptation for the warehouse of non-food products: There are 5 compartments of equal area, separated by a 6m high partition. Each section has one gate with a wicket 4500Hx4000m. For each section, the following composition of household premises is provided: men’s wardrobe for 8 people. in one shift, bathroom, security room / control room

Common premises for the building are provided: pumping station for automatic fire extinguishing, water supply; switchboard; ETC.
Industrial building No. 1, No. 2
The building is 72x164m in size. Three spans 24m long and 164m long. Gable roof (for each span) made of mineral wool sandwich with external drain. The height of the building along the ridge is 16.850 m. The height of the building along the outer walls is 13.150 m. Mineral wool sandwich walls with ribbon sashes. Along the length of the building, gates of 4.5×5 m are designed on both sides in the amount of 4 pieces. From the end of the building, which is turned to the west, in each span there are planned gates 4.5 m high and 5 m wide, 3 pieces.

Client: Industrial Park Kataysk LLC
Location: Kurgan region, Kataysk, st. Matrosova 1
Land area: 76 877 sq.m
Prospective development area: 22 986 sq. m.
Building area: 30,025 sq.m
Creation date: May 2021
Stage: Concept, Engineering Survey, Design Documentation, Working Documentation
Expertise: AIS GOSEXPERTIZA of the Department of Construction, State Expertise and Housing and Utilities of the Kurgan Region (State Expertise of Design Documentation and State Expertise of Engineering Survey Results)