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Дата:May 05, 2021


Multi-apartment residential buildings are designed in the Vladimir region, Dobrograd.
On the territory, there are 3 residential buildings with a medium rise. Modern, laconic architecture – the facades of the buildings are faced with hand-molded clinker bricks, dark gray rebate and wood paneling.
The project provides for a variety of planning solutions, strollers and storage rooms on the ground floors.
A safe landscaped courtyard is closed from cars – there is only a technical passage in the courtyard area, residential entrances are designed to be through. The entrance to the commercial premises is provided only from the side of the street; parking spaces are located outside the courtyard area.

Client: SZ Dobrograd LLC
Location: Vladimir region, Kovrovsky district, Novoselskoye municipal district (rural settlement), village Gorozhenovo
Land area: 14 124 sq.m
Building area: 2 738.4 sq. m.
Floors: 4
Total area of ​​buildings: 8 142.32 sq.m
Living area: 1 955.81 sq.m
Total area of ​​apartments: 5,067.96 sq. m.
Area of ​​non-residential premises: 451.4 m2
Number of apartments: 94 sq.m
Date of creation: April 2021
Stage: Concept, Design Documentation, Working Documentation
Expertise: LLC "KOIN-S" (Non-state expertise of project documentation and engineering survey results)