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Дата:December 12, 2018


The projected building has overall dimensions in the axes of 69.21 x 10.12 m.

The mark of the finished floor of the first floor is conventionally taken for the mark + O.OOO. The height of the first floor in “cleanliness” is 3.9 m, the height of the second floor is 3.3 m, the height of the third floor is 4.38 m.

The reconstructed building of the abandoned oxygen station is located at the address: Tambov, st. 11 Embankment on the picturesque bank of the Tsna River.

The image of the building is made in an industrial style and refers to the era of steam engines and the industrial revolution, which emphasizes the original purpose of the building and preserves the “memory of the place”. The facade is finished with copper panels, rebate and red brick, from which the original walls of the building are laid.

On the ground floor there is an entrance to the hotel with 48 seats, a two-level restaurant with a terrace and a greenhouse for 120 visitors, a bar for 16 guests and a pizzeria for 30.

On the second floor there are 17 hotel rooms, as well as an apartment with its own observatory, located in a preserved tower, which is the dominant feature of the architectural volume.

On the third floor, there are 9 hotel rooms, a conference room, a public area in the form of a spacious hall with access to an exploited roof.

The adjoining territory is equipped with wooden flooring for placing tables in the warm season, flower beds made of copper panels. The accent in the improvement is a small architectural form-bench, made in the form of oxygen formula “O2”. There is a pier and an amphitheater on the river bank.

Client: TambovBusinessStroy LLC
Location: Tambov region, Tambov, st. Embankment, 11
Building area: 693.527 sq.m
Total area: 1441, 698 sq.m
Living space: 1312.99 m2
Estimated area: 1197.75 m2
Floors: 3 floors
Creation date: October 2018
Stage: Draft design, AGO, Design documentation, Working documentation