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Дата:August 24, 2021


The territory presented for design covers an area of ​​7121 m2. The site is located in the central part of the city along the street. Nikitinskaya, in the area of ​​house number 44, is bounded by Nikitinskaya, 9 January, Friedrich Engels and Kukolkin streets.

The central location of the territory imposes a high urban planning status on the projected object and imposes increased requirements on the formation of the living environment:
• creation of clear zoning for public and private zones;
• provision of specific characteristics of the residents of the complex and townspeople;
• harmonious fusion of new architecture with existing buildings;
• creation of new places of attraction, uniqueness of the place;
• creation of convenient pedestrian and transport links and separation of these flows.
The plastic and materials of the facades are designed in such a way as to harmoniously fit the new, multi-storey residential complex into the existing central part of the city. The project offers a laconic, restrained palette of materials. On the street Nikitinskaya offers a light palette, with beige cornices and windows, the clear geometry of the facades gravitates towards modern buildings. Parts of facades made of textured gray bricks with dark windows visually breaks up the complex, making it more diverse. A unique element is the lattice on the windows, repeating the pattern of the balcony railing of the Wagner house. These grilles also bear a functional load, as in the lower part they hide the street air conditioners, and in the upper part they are a window, protected from insects.

Client: Private person
Location: Voronezh region, Voronezh, the site is bounded by Nikitinskaya, 9 January, Friedrich Engels and Kukolkin streets.
Land area: 7 121 sq.m
Total area of the building: 10 224 sq.m
Total area of apartments: 6 560 sq.m
Building area: 2,013 sq.m
Date of creation: July 2021
Stage: Competition (II place)