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Дата:June 25, 2015


Open-plan office building, on the first floor –shopping area, on the second floor – office space. The building has a rectangular shape in plan view.

Architectural expressiveness of the building is provided by a contrast of a simple shape of the bulk of the building and a complex shape of the roof in harmony with each other. Clean lines add a sense of order and dynamics. Mahogany inserts into separation walls are means of architectural expressiveness, they create a special inimitable rhythm. Stained glass glazing of the building staircase accents the first stage of construction; it turns to a skylight on the roof, creating a single line.

Well thought out building design with a set of premises to provide maximum profit is the key to the success of such a project.

Customer: Legkom LLC
Location: Voronezh, Vareykis St., 68a
Total area: 630 sq.m.
Site area: 364 sq.m.
Number of floors: 2
Stage: Sketch project
Fire safety:
Boiler room:
TH First Gas Company
Project expertise:
SAI Center of State Expertise in Voronezh Region