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Дата:April 16, 2014


A kindergarden is private and is situated on the first floor of an apartment building. The project is planned for a stay of 50 children. The main idea is the development of perception and tactile sensations of children by means of furniture and equipment proposed in the project.


Organization of space.

The first thing that greets young visitors is a hall with a makeshift tree in the center where you can climb. There are soft cushions under it, so any active experiments of children climbing the tree will be safe. Also the seats (for convenient dressing) and lockers for clothes are in the hall.

A game room is provided for children. It is pretty spacious, without unnecessary interior items, equipped with soft carpets and furniture.

A bedroom. It is a kind of a transformer, between the game room and the bedroom. In the hours of children’s activity, the beds are folded in colored boxes, and at the time of sleep they are transformed into multilevel comfortable beds.

Of course, the kindergarden has a small gym – rather a sports room, a small dining room, quite similar to the hall (also with a tree in the center). The kindergarden also has a director office, a room for meals of the staff and toilets.

Customer: Private person
Location: Moscow
Total area: 263 sq.m.
Date of creation: April 2014
Stage: Design project