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Дата:July 05, 2016


The designed building is a low-rise apartment business class house with a technical basement and underground parking. A complex configuration in plan view identifies and emphasizes the terrain features, giving the building individual character.

The architectural expressiveness of the building is provided by different protruding shapes – triangular bay windows from the north, rectangular bay windows and loggias glazed at the entire height from the west, south and east. Another means of architectural expression are the modern French balconies that give a residential low-rise building stylistically smooth and accurate look. Exterior finish of the building is in bright colors accented by multicolored glazing of French balconies. Facade finishing with a decorative plaster layer is made according to Tex-Color system. Façade color palette is made in RAL 9003 color (white).

Customer: GreenVita
Location: Voronezh, Tankista Serebryakova St.
Site area: 4 155,1 sq.m.
Number of apartments: 24, including:
Single-room – 6 pcs.
Two-room – 12 pcs.
Three-room – 6 pcs.
Number of residents: 23 persons
Site area: 1088,9 sq.m.
Area of apartments (without loggias/balconies): 2 111,89 sq. m.
Residential area of apartments: 1 332,04 sq.m.
Construction volume above zero – 13 033,45 cub.m. (without attic)
Construction volume below zero – 2 403,52 cub.m.
Date of creation: July 2014
Stage: Project and engineering documentation
Fire safety: Promtekhbezopasnost’
Construction and finishing work: