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Дата:November 22, 2014

Industrial and civil construction project

Industrial facilities have industrial and warehousing applications. Civil facilities are those buildings designed for permanent or temporary stay of people (houses, cultural centers, entertainment complexes, office buildings, concert halls, shopping centers, etc.). Each facility, depending on the purpose, has its parameters and characteristic features. Depending on the purpose, the facility must be located on sites with the category suitable for this type of construction.

Designing of industrial facilities

Industrial facilities is another branch of design that we deal with. In this field, we can develop the industrial and civil construction project from development of the concept (with a video clip), which is so necessary for developers to attract investors, to design works that provide a full range of services: consulting, surveying, and we guarantee a positive expert opinion, both commercial and state.

Expert Agro project

This project is the concept of a granary in the Voronezh region.

In recent years, the agrarian sector in the Voronezh region is developing very actively, greenhouse complexes, plants for production of agricultural canned products, and pig-breeding complexes are being built. Accordingly, this factor allows actively design in a given direction, and constantly improve in this area.