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Дата:December 12, 2014


The project to reconstruct the facade of the prosecutor’s office in the Lipetsk region, comprehensive improvement of the surrounding area, the project to replace the air conditioning system, and the lighting project were the main tasks. The project is executed in a classical style. Thanks to modern building materials, today it is possible to make a structure of absolutely any complexity and configuration. For the facade, it was decided to use “ventilated facade” system, as well as decorative elements, which are also mounted together with the entire structure.

Lighting projects are gaining immense popularity. Due to the fact that the city’s image should be beautiful, bright and memorable at any time of the day, and the fact that night life of cities is gaining huge popularity, when designing a facility, there is a need to think about both the architectural component, and how the building will look in the night time. Lighting technologies help here, which, with the proper arrangement of equipment, can provide impressive appearance of the building, and sometimes more vivid than in the daytime.

Customer: Prosecutor's Office of Lipetsk Location: Lipetsk Stage: Sketch project, Detailed project of the facade

Project visualization: Wantvis studio

Outdoor lighting: BL Trade