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Дата:October 21, 2016

The design of Mr & Mr’s Brown coffee house features one of the most relevant styles of today – loft. Inherent attributes include pipes, valves or untreated plaster and brickwork. Unplastered brick masonry is perceived today not as construction imperfection, but as an integral and even cozy interior component.

Wood structure with LED lighting creates a cozy atmosphere and are the unifying element of the whole interior of the coffee house, and vertical greenery fills the air with freshness and enlivens the room.

All the coffee house space is divided into 2 parts. The first hall is to a greater extent for express orders. There is a bar counter and spaces behind the high table-top overlooking the street. There are two zones in the second hall: areas with comfortable sofas and an area separated by a partition from wooden structures for a comfortable pastime. The lack of natural light in the second hall is compensated by artificial lighting system mounted around the ceiling perimeter.

Customer: Private person
Location: Voronezh
Total area: 62 sq.m.
Date of creation: October 2016
Stage: Design project, Detail project
Branding: Isometrica Studio
Project visualization: Wantvis Studio