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Дата:July 01, 2016


The appearance of the designed local history museum is due to the architectural environment where it is placed, functional processes, and building designation. The building is in the classicism style and has the characteristic features in the form of columns, cornices and a triangular fronton. Exterior finish of the building is made using decorative plaster of light shades. The facede composition is based on harmony, symmetry, orderliness and simplicity of shapes, geometrically correct volumes. Such solution of the building external appearance determines its compositional integrity, gives an individual look to the building, fit it perfectly into the existing environment.

Customer: Administration of Otradnoye Settlement of Novousmansky Municipal District,
Voronezh region
Location: Voronezh Region, Otradnoye.
Total area: 367,42 sq.m.
Site area: 173,13 sq.m.
Date of creation: November 2016
Stage: Sketch project, Stage P, Stage R