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Дата:December 02, 2016

A shopping area, the square at Verniy shopping center are potentially attractive targets for Nakhabino microdistrict population, so Institutskaya St. is an important transport and the pedestrian area, where safe and comfortable traffic should be organized, including for limited mobility groups. The area in front of Verniy shopping center is the square of urban significance. A variety of seasonal events can be held here – from various exhibitions to town meetings and hearings. A new urban square has a number of internal areas (there are recreational and speculative zones on the periphery of the square, a transit and walking zone in deeper part, and a modern fountain complex in the center). In winter, the fountain complex is transformed into a place to mount a Christmas tree.

The project provides for bicycle paths for development of this type of traffic. Fences are designed for safety of pedestrians and cyclists that separate sidewalks and bicycle paths from the drive way.

The main objective of the entire project was to create a special atmosphere, a modern urban space, designed for all groups of population.

Customer: Administration of Nakhabino urban settlement
Location: Moscow region, Nakhabino microdistrict, Institutskaya St.
Landscaping area: 2,87 ha
Area of the designed fountain: 111 sq.m.
Area of the designed paving: 5 931 sq.m.
Area of the designed landscaping: 5 671 sq.m
. Date of creation: December 2016
Stage: Concept, Stage R
VODALUX fountain equipment