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Дата:December 18, 2015


Store of primary commodities is designed for two stages of construction. The building has axial dimensions of 18.5 m x 34.03 m. The first stage of construction in axes 2-4 and E-F is a reconstruxcted part with a total area of ​​733.4 sq. m., the second stage of construction in axes 1-4 and A-D is a newly constructed part.

The building is open-plan, on the ground floor – warehouses of the store of primary commodities, on the first floor – retail space, on the second, third and fourth floor – open layout.

Architectural expressiveness of the building is provided by a gradation of volumes in harmony to each other, clean lines add a sense of order and dynamics; stained-glass windows of the main building facade are also a means of architectural expression. Constructively the building is based on reinforced concrete columns. The walls are filled with gas-silicate blocks, slab are monolithic.

The main facade is ventilated with integrated silver and white panels. Ceramic granite cladding covers the first floor.

Customer: Private person
Location: Voronezh, 121 Strelovoy Divizii St., 1G
Total area: 2 381 sq.m.
Volume: 11 523 cub.m.
Site area: 364 sq.m.
Number of floors: 4
Date of creation: September 2015
Stage: Sketch project, stage P, stage R, Function of the technical customer
Fire safety:
Boiler room:
Astur LLC
Project expertise:
RusStroyEkspertiza LLC
Contractors: Yu-kon, Guardian, Schuco
Project visualization: Wantvis Studio