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Дата:September 17, 2015


Greenhouse complex includes: modern greenhouses, production unit and change room with domestic premises; heat power station; emergency fuel store for heat power station; gas-piston heat power station; warehouses; checkpoint building.

The main advantages of the complex are: production of carbon dioxide in the process of direct electricity production, a by-product – heat is generated, which does not need to be disposed of – it will be consumed. And carbon dioxide production provides a high yield. Pollination is performed by bumblebees. Bumblebees provide stability and ease of pollination, are easy to use, and their flight model ensures very good self-pollination and cross-pollination. The market for green products is just emerging in our country; you can occupy your niche and become a major exporter of organic vegetable products to the world market.

Planned annual production capacity is 8 500 tons, to be supplied both in the Voronezh region, and in the territory of the Russian Federation, makes it possible to expand the greenhouse business in the already ready sales market.

Customer: Devitsky Broiler LLC
Location: Voronezh Region, Semiluksky District
Total plot area: 47 ha
Production capacity: 8 500 t
Sequence: 4 stages of construction
Date of creation: January 2016
Stage: Sketch project, video
Project visualization: Wantvis Studio