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Дата:March 09, 2017


The Mall is designed as a 5-storey building. On each floor there are several spacious commercial areas (60-100 sq. m) with high ceilings.

Parking and the shop “Stroibat” are on the basement floor.

Architectural and planning decisions are very functional for organizing trade.

Reflecting lines of stained glass windows make the appearance of the building more complex, especially on the upper floors.

Main facades are complicated through glazing and blank sectors interleaving, it is extra light inside.

The whole front wall is a LED video screen. It can be used for advertizing as well as for watching matches. Also there is a place to install advertizing banners of tenants of commercial areas.

City Mall is designed in white and grey tones. The shift of these colours helps to converge it with old surrounding houses.

The backlight of the front emphasizes the geometric shape of the building.

Client: Private person
Location: Melitopol, Zaporozhskaya region, Ukraine
Total area: 2 709 sq.m
Gross leasable area (GLA): 1788 sq.m
Site area: 610 sq.m
Date of establishment: March 2017
Stage of the project: Conceptual design