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Дата:November 21, 2016


Yuzhnaya Galereya Shopping Center is a building in a modern style.

The building has one floor in its design with seven spacious retail sites with high ceilings inside. “Pyatyorochka” store is in one of them. Parking is available nearby. Architectural and layout solution reflects functional processes necessary for organization of the sales process. The same can be said about the external appearance of the building. The main facades have complicated shape due to a composition based on the alternation of light glazed and blind surfaces of the walls.

Stained glass windows are altered with blind areas provided with a space for installation of advertising banners of retail space tenants.

The building is in white and gray tones. Changes in facade colors from dark gray to white have the effect of a smooth transition to the existing old buildings.

Building facade lighting emphasizing its geometric shapes is provided.

Customer: Private person
Location: Novaya Usman’, Voronezh Region, Polevaya St.
Total area: 2 092 sq.m.
Sales area: 1 589 sq.m.
Site area: 2 180 sq.m.
Date of creation: November 2016
Stage: Sketch project, Stage P
Fire safety: